Re: "delay" in widget->sensitive

there's a
long-standing bug  
that causes the visual update not to happen until you move
out and  
come back in.

Opened by Manuel Clos   (reporter, points: 14) 
 2001-06-11 18:43 UTC


After celebrating the 10 years birthday of GNOME, will we have to "celebrate"
the 10 years birthday of this bug ? ;-)

25 duplicates.

This trivial approach for solving the problem was rejected since
gtk_widget_get_pointer() causes an additional X server roundtrip.

So agreed: The patch isn't perfect. It is a hack, but it solves the problem.
Well, and this is were the social aspect of the problem kicks in: Rejecting a
working solution 'cause of its uglyness, without providing a better solution
within years, clearly is a social problem.

It's the social aspect, not the technical one, that qualifies this bug as



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