Resource for building custom models

I have a custom TreeView in which I want to implement both a filter and sorting functionality. Unfortunately Gtk2::TreeStore does not implement Gtk2::TreeModelFilter. Currently, I get around this by overriding the following routine in my custom TreeView.


sub set_model


    my ($self, $model) = @_;


    $self->{model} = $model;

    $self->{filter_model} = Gtk2::TreeModelFilter->new($model);

    $self->{filter_model}->set_visible_func(\&_visible_func, $self);

    $self->{sort_model} = Gtk2::TreeModelSort->new($self->{filter_model});




I would like to create a custom model so I don’t need to use this hack. I have looked around for information on this – but it is sparse – and that I do find is not all that informative. Does anyone know of a resource that I can use to learn how to do this?

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