Re: "delay" in widget->sensitive

it works to me with ->set_sensitive(TRUE).
But I don't understand why sometimes doesn't change the sensitive state to false. I put widget->set_sensitive(false) and it execute but doesn't change the sensitive state. I try to put ->sensitive(false) but i can't click the button (is sensitive false) but the appearance is like a sensitive true, and i can't click it. I just want that button gets "normal" sensitive false.


On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 11:40 PM, Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> wrote:
anguila wrote:
> When I switch between a 0= widget->is_sensitive() to a widget->sensitive(1),
> the widget is put to sensitive(1) when my mouse touch this widget. How can I
> set inmediatly this widget to activated mode? tu put

I think $widget->set_sensitive(TRUE) should do the trick.
$widget->sensitive(TRUE) just sets an internal flag and does nothing more to
actually change the widget's appearance.

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