Another question about foreach loops and gtk

I have a long-running foreach loop which I want to give feedback through the GUI


foreach my $keys1 (sort {$a <=> $b} keys %menu_jpegs){

which runs

sub gd_frame {
my ($keys1,$sel_opts_vbox,$menu_file)= _;
<long function>

my $frame_new=$options{'dir'}.'/dvdjpeg'.$keys1.'.jpeg';
open (FRAME,">",$frame_new);
print FRAME $frame->jpeg;

my $append;
        if ($keys1==1){
        else {
print $keys1,"\n";


return 1

relevant part of run_cmd

else {

my $buffer = $textview->get_buffer;
my $line;
if ($cmd{'gd'} == 1 ){
$line="Frames are being created for DVD Menu\n\nFrame $cmd{'gd'} has
been created\n"
else {
$line="Frame $cmd{'gd'} has been created\n";
$buffer->insert($buffer->get_end_iter, $line);

return 1


This all runs fine except:

 nothing appears in the GUI until after the loop finishes, rather than
running at each iteration

I have tried
setting an updating label
append/adding v/hboxes
a continue loop
modifying run_cmd and using echo

so far.

I suspect it is something to do with foreach forking processes so
nothing ggoes to Gtk until all processes have finished - any help

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