Re: close button into the glade-3 about dialog window

anguila <anguila gmail com> writes:

I attach  a example of the problem.

For the close button you might have to hook it up to emit the "close"
signal on the dialog.  An "Esc" keybinding is setup automatically to do
that, but a button may have to do it explicitly (even if named "Close"

For the re-open the message

    Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_container_foreach: assertion `GTK_IS_CONTAINER (container)' failed at line 

is the bit I wondered before.  It means you've tried to show a dialog
that's already destroyed, in this case by the default handler of
delete-event.  To keep it alive you can put a handler on the
delete-event signal like gtk_widget_hide_on_delete(), except that's not
wrapped I think, so the same in perl

    sub hide_on_delete {
      my ($widget) = @_;
      return 1; # don't propagate event

I recently suffered through some similar bits.  It's probably not meant
to be quite so tedious.  I submitted a gtk bug for the
gtk_container_foreach message and apparently it's notabug to print
something unhelpful and uninformative.  (It arises of course in language
bindings, where gtk_widget_destroy isn't necessarily the end, because
variables and whatnot can be keeping the object alive past that.  In a
sense I guess language bindings end up with ->destroy being not much
more than emitting the destroy signal, which is not really how it was
originally conceived for C.)

Incidentally, for $about->show() you might want to use ->present
instead, to raise the window if it's already open but buried somewhere
underneath other windows.

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