Re: geoTiff Application

2008/6/2 Jamie Lahowetz <jlahowe2 bigred unl edu>:
I am writing a simple Gtk2 application that loads a geotiff and allows the
user to add and remove waypoints. So far the user can add a waypoint by
double clicking and is able to drag the window to navigate. I would like to
see if anyone can help me with adding some of the other features.
1. ZOOMING. I added a zooming feature to the map but when you zoom in or out
and try to add a waypoint, the circle is far off from where the user
clicked. Can anyone give examples on how to fix this? (thanks to zentara for
the help)

I very much recommend the use of Gtk2::ImageView
( as an image viewing widget,
which will sort out all the zooming, panning, selecting for you.



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