Re: Drawing lines on Gnome2::Canvas

2008/5/31 Jamie Lahowetz <jlahowe2 bigred unl edu>:
Dont know if this fits this mailing list so I apologize if it doesnt. I'm
trying to draw lines on a Gnome2::Canvas widget but the man page I found for
Gnome2::Canvas::Line does not tell me much on how to do this. I was
wondering if anyone has an example on how to draw a simple line from one
point to another in Gnome2::Canvas?

The Gnome2::Canvas tarball comes with examples.  Look for a script
called '' and run it to run the Gnome2::Canvas demo.  Here's
a few lines from, one of the scripts in the
examples directory:

    Gnome2::Canvas::Item->new ($group,
                           points => [400.0, 0.0, 400.0, 450.0],
                   fill_color => 'black',
                   width_units => 4.0);

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