Re: big number of relocations in gtk2 binding

On Sat, 2008-02-09 at 13:45 -0500, muppet wrote:

How's this?

$ blib/arch/auto/Gtk2/
blib/arch/auto/Gtk2/ 293 relocations, 225 relative (76%),  
3848 PLT entries, 28 for local syms (0%), 0 users

The patch hits all but one .xs file, but only to change their  
#include lines.  All the magic is in the new header.


Oi, the 124k patch seems to have blown the mailman message size  
limit.  Try this, instead:

Nice.  With this applied, I see a 9% size reduction of the shared object
(11MiB -> 10MiB, with debugging symbols) and a 7% start speedup (0.067s
-> 0.062s, measured via timing many runs of `perl -MGtk2 -e'exit'Â).

I had to add one more closing parentheses at the end of the definition
of __hidden__ to make it compile, though.

If defined, we could use G_GNUC_INTERNAL (from glib >= 2.6).


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