Re: New project, code review request

On Mon, 29 Dec 2008 04:43:34 -0800 (PST)
Savu Sorin Adrian <sorinsavu77 yahoo com> wrote:


I'm new to this list, and and somewhat new to gtk && perl. Some time ago I started working on a todo list 
management tool. To my shame, most of the implementation is based on searching trough the limited code base 
of gtk-perl programs, translating from other programs (mainly Tasque) and "coding by coincidence". I would 
appreciate if some of the gurus of the perl-gtk project would take a look at my code and point out any flaws 
regarding coding, implementation .. etc. 

The source can be seen at 

Also, you can download the tgz at

Thank you for your time, 
Sorin Adrian Savu

Hi, one thing I would mention, is that TrayIcon(linux only) is being phased out in favor
of StatusIcon( which works on win32 and linux ).


It only takes minor code changes to switch.

Also, a 
use lib '.'; 
at the top of the script would be helpful, so the thing can be
tested in it's own directory.


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