Re: New project, code review request

Savu Sorin Adrian wrote:
> Hello,
Hi welcome aboard.
> I'm new to this list, and and somewhat new to gtk && perl. Some time ago I started working on a todo list management tool. To my shame, most of the implementation is based on searching trough the limited code base of gtk-perl programs, translating from other programs (mainly Tasque) and "coding by coincidence". I would appreciate if some of the gurus of the perl-gtk project would take a look at my code and point out any flaws regarding coding, implementation .. etc.

I'm not my self a perl-Gtk guru so I will let the others give their opinion about your usage of the module. I will give you my input about the software it self.

I realize that these are your first lines of code in the project, at least that's what the svn history is telling. So there's no point at telling you about all the warnings printed at the console. I tried to execute your application and it's not possible because the program complains about the absence of the file ~/.tasks. You might want to skip the loading of the data file if it's missing.

You should think of a way for distributing your application. I strongly suggest that you package your application as a standard CPAN module and make it available there as well. This way you will provide the users with a simple way for installing your application. CPAN is not only for modules; you can add there applications too. You might need to change your package names in order to coexists with the other CPAN packages, although using a dedicated prefix should be enough. Even if you don't want to distribute your application through CPAN, you should at least package it as if it belong to CPAN.

I've read in your README and noticed that you want your application to work in Debian Etch. This is one more reason for packaging your application through CPAN. Doing so you will make it easier for us Debian and Ubuntu users to package your application as a deb package (take a look at the debian tool dh-make-perl it can do this automatically and without too much hassle).

If you want to package your application the CPAN way you will have to take care of bundling your external resources: images, glade files, desktop files, etc. I strongly suggest that you take a look at other Perl applications and see how they do it:

Zim - good base since it's already packaged for Debian (
   Xacobeo - that's mine! (
All other applications listed here:

You can even provide a .desktop file and make your application available in the standard menu in the main desktop panel!


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