Re: Mixing XS with Gtk2::TreeStore

"Emmanuel Rodriguez" <emmanuel rodriguez gmail com> writes:

A small document of 400K can very easily return over 170_000 DOM

There's some tricks of fixed-width and fixed-height in TreeView on big
models to make resizing not look at all nodes.  Quentin posted a while

I think I've also been using "fixed-height-from-font" on text cell
renderers.  I forget which bits are most effective on the speed.  Have
to add some cribs to the Gtk2::TreeView POD so as not to lose it :-).

On the subject of perl-code custom tree model, I've been a little
disappointed with the speed from that (on a list model of 10 columns and
a mere couple of hundred rows), without finding where the time goes.
TreeView does seem to do a lot more reading from the model than you'd
think though.  Starting in perl is likely to be much easier, but you may
then have to break out some C like muppet said.

Is there an example on how to implement a custom TreeModel?

examples/ in the sources.  A read-only presentation of
something isn't too hard, though there's a fair bit of verbiage for the
iters business.

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