gdk-pixbuf.loaders on win32, ActiveStatePerl 5.10

<beating my head against the wall>

I wanted to try and see if I could get Gtk2 running on
ActiveStatePerl 5.10, so I could test to see if my linux
scripts work on windows Vista.

I used the ppm4 repository at

I installed the ppms Ok and it seemed to automatically install
the dependencies, ( had to track down libpng12-0.dll ) but everything
seemed to go OK. I also copied in the dll's as instructed on the above page.

My problem is that I got an error about no
etc\gtk-2.0\gdk-pixbuf.loaders when trying to load any images.

So I created the file, empty, and now it complains 
"unknown image type".

Gimp for win32, installs and runs fine, and both Gimp and
the Perl/Gtk2 install have libgdk_pixpuf-2.0-0.dll

Now Gimp's gdk-pixbuf.loaders file is empty, and it runs fine.

As a WAG, I tried to fill the loaders file, for png, with the lib link pointing to libpng12-0.dll, 
but it complains file dosn't provide the right data (or something or other).

What the heck is wrong? Hoping for an easy fix,


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