Re: API for gtk_settings_set_long_property


Thank you very much for these answers.

On Tue, 30 Oct 2007 21:28:59 +0100
Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> wrote:
Nothing from the GtkSettings API is currently bound, mostly because it's
rather binding-unfriendly but also because there did not seem to be much

Please let me know where one could request it then ;)
For some reason I can't get accelerator overriding working at all, so I
can't test.  But something like this should work:

gtk-can-change-accels = 1

I tested that, but unfortunately it doesn't work.

On my system, accelerator overriding works with any bindings but Perl. So I
get a small Python script that is supposed to activate this feature. When using

settings.set_property('gtk-can-change-accels', 1)

Everything works as expected. But if I change this line to:

gtk.rc_parse_string("gtk-can-change-accels = 1\n")

It stopped working. So it looks like parsing the property is not supposed to

If you have any other idea of workarounds, I'll be more than happy to test them



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