Re: Subclassing a Gtk2::TreeStore

Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
in C, I would just subclass GtkListStore with:

<snip code>

which, as far as I can see from the code, is the case (usual disclaimer
applies: I haven't tested it with real Perl code). internally, the
TreeView widget will call gtk_tree_drag_source_row_draggable() which
will call into the Perl bindings, which in turn will call the

this is, by the way, what I meant by "override the override the
Gtk2::TreeDragDest interface method above, in order to control whether
the destination row is a valid drop point" in the original mail.

I think I tried something like this, as I mentioned in
but I got:

  "GLib-GObject-WARNING **: cannot add interface type `GtkTreeDragDest'
to type `MyTreeStore', since type `MyTreeStore' already conforms to

I'd say that, if this doesn't work, it should be considered a bug of the
Perl bindings, as the code works perfectly fine from C (I used it inside
the GtkFileChooser default implementation for GTK+ 2.12). 

I don't know enough to know whether it's a bug or not. Torsten gave me
another solution that worked but I can imagine there are other
circumstances where being able to override a method would be useful.

Cheers, Dave

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