Re: Cairo 1.042 available

On Tue, 2007-10-09 at 17:20 -0400, muppet wrote: 

The Makefile.PL sets PREREQ_FATAL, because you can't build without some of the
prereqs; this practice appears to be cargo-culted from gtk2-perl. 
Test::Number::Delta is not needed to compile, only to run the unit tests, but
i don't think ExtUtils::MakeMaker allows you to have both non-fatal and fatal
prereqs.  Maybe you can?

With the new META.yml stuff, we can use the field build_requires to
specify cases like this.  I did just that in CVS and also removed the
PREREQ_FATAL flag again.

Torsten:  how big a deal would it be to test separately for
Test::Number::Delta in Makefile.PL; if not present, emit a warning that the
test suite will be incomplete, and then skip all the tests that require it? 
Worth doing, or not?

Not sure whether it was worth it, but still: I added something along the
lines of:

unless (eval 'use Test::Number::Delta; 1;') {
        *delta_ok = sub {
                ok(1, 'Fake delta_ok');

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