Re: arbitrary widgets in menus

On Sep 28, 2007, at 6:16 AM, Michael Hartmann wrote:

I need to put arbitrary widgets in a menu, but Gtk2::MenuShell's append method
only allows to append Gtk2::MenuItem widgets.
I've already searched for a solution in old mails of this mailing list, on google and read the Gtk2-perl documentation and the C-API documentation, but
without any success.
Any suggestions?

Are you sure you really want arbitrary widgets in a menu? Are you sure that menu is what you want for this?

MenuShell acts as a container for MenuItem and things that derive from it, like RadioMenuItem or ToggleMenuItem. If you subclass MenuItem you can probably put whatever you want in there, but i have a sneaking suspicion you'd have to draw everything yourself.

So, what are you actually trying to do?

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