Re: Close secondary windows

Yes, the 'destroys' is working fine, however I did another change. Everytime that I opened a new window I was using the 'Gtk2->main', so I was duplicating the windows.
In summary I  remove the 'Gtk2->main' and I use the  '$widget->destroy'.

Thanks for the help

On 10/8/07, Johan Aberg <abergster gmail com> wrote:
You could try 'destroy $widget'

Does that work?

On 09/10/2007, Rafael Morales <rafaelmp gmail com> wrote:
> Hi list,
>  I'm developing a program that opens a main window, but this main window
> needs to open new windows. So,  my problem is how can I close these windows
> without close the main window ???.
>  If I use Gtk2->main_quit, will close all windows even the main window, and
> I just need to close the secondary window and keep the main window running.
>  Regards and  thanks to all !!!
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