RE: Auto-scrolling the scrollbar on a TreeView

The behavior you want should happen automatically - works for me. Certain widgets, like the TreeView and the 
TextView understand if they are nested within a scrolled window and scroll automatically when needed. 
Probably there is something wrong with the way you set up the scrolled window and the treeview together.
The link you give does not work, so I can not check your code.


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Subject: Auto-scrolling the scrollbar on a TreeView

Hello everyone,

I'm currently using a Gtk2 TreeView within a Gtk2 ScrolledWindow, and
I'd like to be able to navigate the tree using the keyboard.  I've set
up key bindings so Right expands a tree, Left collapses it, and Up and
Down seem to be already set to navigate expanded cells.  However, when
I use Down to navigate to a cell off-screen, I'd like the
ScrolledWindow to compensate.  I've tried scroll_to_cell, but to no
avail.  Any hints?  I've posted the source code at; the problem is in the callback
at line 157.

Rob Hoelz
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