New Perl/GTK for Windows build: announcing Camelbox

I've updated my 'Perl/GTK for Windows' archive, which I've taken to
calling 'Camelbox'.  Downloads are available here:

The files (in 7zip archive format):
- camelbox*main-beta.7z is all binaries, libraries and headers
- camelbox*docs-demos-beta.7z has all of the HTML/POD documentation,
as well as all of the examples in their own directories.  This was the
stuff that I took out last time I posted the archive.

With these two files, you should have everything that gets installed
when you build it by hand.

What's included:
Applications: Perl 5.8.8, Glade 3.0.2 (yes, Glade for Windows, look
for the file 'glade-3.exe' in the 'bin' directory)
C libraries: gtk+-2.12.1, glib-2.14.2, atk-1.20.0, pango-1.18.3,
cairo-1.4.10, libart_lgpl-2.3.19, libglade-2.6.2,
libgnomecanvas-2.20.1, gail 1.20.1, libxml2-2.6.27
Perl modules: Gtk2-1.162, Glib-1.162, Cairo-1.043,
Gnome2-Canvas-1.002, Gtk2-GladeXML-1.006

Here's what's on my plate next: I'm going to try to build the
remaining Gtk2::Perl/Gnome2 modules, start working on a real
installer, and taking a look at MakeMaker to see if I can fix some of
the stuff I'm doing manually at the moment.

Again, consider it proof-of-concept, once I start fiddling with an
installer I expect the file layout to change radically in order to
accommodate easy installs/uninstalls of extra packages at the user's

Please let me know if you have any questions.



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