Re: Gtk2 1.162 build errors on PangoLayout test

On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 23:37 +0900, Kim Do-hyoung Keedi wrote:

Build error on Gtk2-1.162 on Ubuntu Gusty:

t/PangoLayout......................ok 1/68Modification of a read-only
value attempted at t/PangoLayout.t line 134.

I've seen this error reported rather often, but I fail to see its
reason.  My only guess would be that xsubpp (the XS pro-processor)
generates bogus code for the OUTLIST feature.

Can you take a look at the generated file xs/PangoLayout.c and post the
contents of the function XS(XS_Gtk2__Pango__LayoutLine_x_to_index)?


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