Complete 'Gtk2-Perl for Windows' build available


I posted here about a week ago looking for help with building
Gtk2-Perl on Windows using MinGW and dmake.  I've figured it out
enough to get a basic build working.  I've made it available here:

What's included in the archive:
Perl 5.8.8
C libraries: gtk+-2.12.1, glib-2.14.2, atk-1.20.0, pango-1.18.3, cairo-1.4.10
Perl modules: Gtk2-1.162, Glib-1.162, Cairo-1.043

The archive is in 7-zip format (  There's a
readme file in the archive, it basically tells you to unpack the
archive to C:\ and add C:\perl\5.8.8\bin to your PATH environment
variable.  I've packed the examples/gtk-demos from the Gtk2 Perl
distribution, they're in C:\perl\examples. I've also added an example
of my own, (a color-picker that returns the HTML/CSS
color string).

Consider the file that's on the Google Code page now as a
"proof-of-concept"; I removed (for now) a lot of extra
binaries/libraries that I didn't think would be used frequently, and I
am going to massively rearrange the archive layout shortly.

I'll send another e-mail a little later with the basics of the changes
that I had to do in order to get the thing to build on Windows.

Please let me know if you have any questions...


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