Re: gtk-perl documentation in html

Torsten Schoenfeld wrote:
On Mon, 2007-11-05 at 18:26 +0100, Denis wrote:

and this is the output :

mpod2html doc-161/ -dir "pod-161" -nobanner -idxname "idx" -tocname "index" -toctitle "Gtk2-Perl - Table of Contents" -idxtitle "Gtk2-Perl - Index" -nowarnings -noverbose -stylesheet "/doc/style.css"
+++ Searching for POD documents
*** ERROR: unresolved internal link 'list_interfaces ()|list = Glib::Type->list_interfaces ($package)' at line 51 in file /home/denis/perso/info/gtk2-perl/doc-161/lib/Glib/Type.pod
Warning: Conversion may be garbled because of errors above

Do you know what the problem is ?

I see those, too.  They can be safely ignored.  The parser is just
unable to deal with the format we use for some internal links.  You
should have complete output in the "pod-161" directory.

I think it is indeed complete but it contains some "noise" lines like "Cannot find page `Glib::InitiallyUnowned' at L<> on line 107" at the beginning of the html.

It there a post processing script in your scripts to remove them ?


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