Re: Do TreeIters persist after foreach search ?

Dave Howorth wrote:
Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
  $iter = $model->get_iter($match_path); # always check retval

I was trying to avoid this because I think it must do a second tree walk
to reach the node? Which shouldn't be necessary.

It's not a full walk of the tree, so it's not heinously expensive, but you are
correct that it is not free.

But I've switched to this technique at the moment unless anybody can
suggest anything better.

See my other post in this thread.  (I should've read the whole thread before

At the moment the search is way too slow. I'm just about to profile it
to see whether I can fix it or whether I need to do my main tree
handling outside of the gtk tree model and just use the gtk model as a
display slave.

That path often leads to madness involving dual-data-structure synchronization
and memory wastage.  You may wish to investigate creating your own TreeModel
implementation in that case, so that the TreeView will effectively display
your native data structure.

I guess another alternative might be to reimplement foreach's tree walk
myself which would lose the function call overhead and will probably
avoid whatever weirdness is messing with the stamp.

I doubt that would save much, honestly.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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