Re: Gtk2-Perl with private Gtk library?


muppet wrote:
The important trick here is that you need to set not only LD_LIBRARY_PATH, so
that you find the new gtk+ libraries, but also PATH, so that you find the new
gtk+ & glib utilities, and PKG_CONFIG_PATH, so that pkg-config finds the
correct information for knowing how to compile against your new gtk+ stack.

originally, I had hoped that there was some way to get GTK-Perl to
dynamically make best use of whatever GTK-library is there, but I
had already noticed that this can't work without recompiling the
Perl bindings (which fortunately isn't a big problem once you know
the magic word "PKG_CONFIG_PATH" ;-)

I ended up installing the perl bindings in the same directory tree
as the private gtk library, so all can be be packed in on tar archive
that I can easily unpack on another machine, set PERL5LIB to the path
and use it almost as flexible as I had hoped.

Thanks for all the good advice,
                   Peter Daum

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