Re: Glib-1.144 compile error

On 16/03/07, Jeffrey Ratcliffe <jeffrey ratcliffe gmail com> wrote:
You are absolutely right - it is showing the system library, not my
local sandbox - and therefore ignoring the PKG_CONFIG_PATH
environmental variable.

Any ideas what I need to do to get PKG_CONFIG_PATH respected?

By setting also PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR, I was able to get pkg-config to
find my local libraries, compile and run the iowatch example and could
compile Glib-1.144.

Now, trying to compile Cairo-1.023, I get the following error:

$ perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/caehome/ra28145
*** can not find package cairo >= 1.0.0
*** check that it is properly installed and available in PKG_CONFIG_PATH
 at Makefile.PL line 56


$ pkg-config --modversion cairo

I'm completely flummoxed.


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