Re: moving nodes in a tree

Roderich Schupp wrote:
On 6/22/07, Dave Howorth <dhoworth mrc-lmb cam ac uk> wrote:
I'm trying to use $tree_store->move_after ($iter, $position) and
$tree_store->move_before ($iter, $position) and am getting errors like
this:  Gtk-WARNING **: Given children are not in the same level

Looking at the Gtk sources, AFAICT they check not only for the
same level, but that $iter and $position are actually siblings.

Yes, I had the same opinion, so I did a fresh install on a new Suse 10.2
system (there were some install problems I'll document separately):

Module version 1.144
Built for gtk+ 2.10.6
Running with gtk+ 2.10.6

With that version of gtk+, I was able to make move_after work. However,
what it does is move *just* the iter node. It doesn't move its children.
So the semantics are what I would expect of move_after in a ListStore,
not a TreeStore. Which is a royal pain.

I haven't yet had time to try my drag-and-drop code on the newer gtk+.

It seems like the major problems are in the gtk+ library, not in the
Gtk2 perl module. So I'll join the gtk-app-devel-list and see if anybody
there has some working code I can use as an example.

Cheers, Dave

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