Re: Glib::IO->add_watch not uninstalling

On 25/02/07, muppet <scott asofyet org> wrote:
The only thing i see is that you handle 'hup' before checking for
'in'.  It *is* possible to get both conditions in the same callback.
However, this would only result in losing the last chunk of input,
not a hang.

This is exactly what is happening. I got him to run a modified version
which prints the conditions, and he was getting

[ in hup ]

(as opposed to [ hup ], which I was getting). Of course

 if ($condition eq 'hup') {

is then no longer true. Is

 if ($condition >= 'hup') {

the RIght Way To Do It?

In an attempt to rule out perl or gtk2-perl, attached is a quick port
of your demo to C.  The comment on the first line contains the
command needed to compile it.  Please have your user compile and run
this and report the behavior.

Thanks. I've passed it on.

Thanks for the help


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