Re: Does the Glib mainloop have the ability to capture keypresses?

On Feb 14, 2007, at 5:50 PM, zentara wrote:

I have plenty of examples for Gtk2 windows, and capturing
keyboard events, but I hav'nt found anything for Glib alone,
for use in commandline loops.

That's because the keypresses that gtk+ deals with are simply X events, not characters on a serial terminal stream.

I can put
Glib::IO->add_watch (fileno 'STDIN', [qw/in/], \&watch_callback);

and watch what is input on STDIN, but is that the best way?

I took that approach in gish, where i faked out the Tk portion of Readline.

But it is important that you set up STDIN properly to give you all the characters pressed, instead of using line-buffering. Readline does that for you... in your own app, you'll have to use the termios stuff from the POSIX module.

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