RE: Inlining Gtk2::Gdk::Keysyms ?

From: gtk-perl-list-bounces gnome org on behalf of muppet
The code in is generated at build time from gdkkeysyms.h.  Since
gtk+ is API-stable, i would have to imagine that the values of the keycodes
cannot change.  I don't know if that extends to using the exact same keycodes
for X and Win32, but if you only need a few keycodes, you ought to be safe
creating your own mapping for just those.

I noticed some changes in the keycode that cetain key combos emit after a recent update, for example 
shift+Tab became ISO_Left_Tab. But I needed to patch this anyway, the values in the hash do not change, the 
values in the events change.

Officially:  I do not endorse this duplication, as it is duplication and i'm
not convinced you'll actually save much memory.

Already I'm assingning the keys that I need to local variables because I need them often in switch statements 
and calling the hash every time makes the code harder to read. I figure that since I only need 5 codes out of 
approx 1400 it is worth inlining them as constants which will be optimized by the compiler. Maybe it will not 
save much memory, but it might make the code a bit more readable as well.

Thanks for your comment,


-- jaap <pardsu cpan org>


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