Gnome2::PanelApplet [Re: Applets]

On Feb 1, 2007, at 8:46 AM, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:

until Gnome2::PanelApplet works, no: there's no other option.

*hint* fixing Gnome2::PanelApplet would be nice. ;-)

So, um, what exactly is wrong with Gnome2::PanelApplet?

Last i recall, it was suffering from IPC issues that were hard to debug. The changelog says merely "the module compiles fine, but when called, the test applet dies with no apparent reason." The file WARNING states

As far as I understand panel applets, libpanelapplet-2.0 and bonobo, the GClosure created inside panel_applet_bonobo_factor (xs/ PanelApplet.xs:131) is never called. The problem is that tracing and debugging the applet code is made difficult by the fact that every operation takes place inside a bonobo session. PanelApplet/WARNING?revision=1.1&view=markup

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