Re: GtkCellLayout interface

On Dec 29, 2007, at 6:40 PM, Kevin Ryde wrote:

Is GtkCellLayout available as an interface thingie for perl code widgets
to implement?  Or is it needed?  I guess you could just write the
corresponding method funcs if you like its style and that'd be close
enough for use from other perl code.

The _ADD_INTERFACE() xsub necessary for perl code to implement an interface does not exist in Gtk2::CellLayout, so it appears you can't implement one in perl at the moment.

It shouldn't be that hard to knock up a patch...

(I'm tinkering with a scrolling stock ticker and thought CellLayout
might be the most familiar way to stick in a renderer -- if not
necessarily the simplest.)

If your stock ticker renderer will be a Gtk2::CellRenderer, then i guess that makes sense. You'd be able to have stock tickers in a table and in combo boxes without any extra effort. If you wanted to create your own container that uses CellLayout to contain a CellRenderer, then you could, but i don't really understand why you would. Can you explain a little more?

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