Gnome2::Wnck 0.15

Overview of changes in Gnome2::Wnck 0.15

* Require libwnck >= 2.20.0 due to API changes that can't be worked around.
* Adapt to API changes:
  - wnck_pager_set_orientation now returns a boolean
  - wnck_selector_new doesn't take a screen parameter anymore
* Wrap new API:
  - wnck_screen_get_workspaces, wnck_screen_get_window_manager_name, and
  - wnck_window_get_client_window_geometry, wnck_window_set_sort_order,
    wnck_window_is_below, wnck_window_make_below, and wnck_window_unmake_below
  - wnck_workspace_get_screen, wnck_workspace_get_layout_row,
    wnck_workspace_get_layout_column, and wnck_workspace_get_neighbor

The package is available from:

Gnome2::Wnck allows you to use the Window Navigator Construction Kit
library (libwnck for short) from Perl to create things like desktop
switchers and taskbars.

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