Re: Autoupdating EntryCompletion (was Selectively trapping keypresses)

On 17/04/07, muppet <scott asofyet org> wrote:
I couldn't reproduce that after tinkering for just a few moments, but i think
i see it in the code...

Replace "one" with "twelve" twice, and during the second replacement,
the error comes.

Any change to a TreeModel invalidates existing TreeIters.

> $cmp_model -> signal_connect('row-inserted' => sub {
>   my ($model, $path, $iter) = @_;
>   my ($val) = $cmp_model->get($iter, 0);
> warn "inserted $val\n";
> # Weed out duplicates
>   my $iter2 = $cmp_model->iter_next($iter);
>  while ($iter2) {
>   my ($val2) = $cmp_model->get($iter2, 0);
> warn "list $val2\n";
>   if ($val eq $val2) {
> warn "removing $val2\n";
>    $cmp_model->remove ($iter2);
> warn "removed $val2\n";

I can add a return statement here, as there will only ever one
duplicate, and then there are no problems with iters. But the error
still comes.


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