Re: GtkIMContext still be missed

Many thanks to your help.
I have tested it on my win32 and it worked well.
Now i can use existing input method on my own widget.It is sufficient.

2007/4/15, muppet <scott asofyet org>:

On Apr 14, 2007, at 10:07 PM, alexe cn gmail com wrote:

> Anybody can help me?
> 2007/4/9, alexe cn gmail com <alexe cn gmail com>:
>> hi,
>> I couldn't found GtkIMContext module in gtk2-perl.
>> I remember muppet made a patch for it, but i lost that patch.
>> Can muppet commit it to the cvs source?

Sorry about the delay -- i had to dig up and recreate part of the patch.

I know really nothing about input managers, so i have no idea how to
test this.  The patch does not give you all the hooks you need to
make your own input manager, but will allow you to use existing
ones.  Is this sufficient?

I'd be happy to commit after Torsten and Emmanuele review it, but
also after your feedback as to whether it's a sufficient patch.

It's all very complicated and would take a scientist to explain it.
   -- MST3K

|By Alexe (|

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