Re: Which widget id triggered the event?

I don't get it. The widget that triggered an event should be passed in to @_ for your callback. Why can't you just use that?

That said, all of Emmanuele's comments apply.


Is there any way to figure out which widget id triggered an event? An example I have a common function that could be triggered by either a button click, menuitem, popup menuitem, etc... Depending on what widget was used I want call the same function, detemine which widget, then process accordingly. Based on which widget I would perform all or a subset of the function. I've looked into the Gtk2::main and Gtk2::Widget methods and they provide the event widget (GtkMenuItem) and complete path (GtkWindow.GtkMenu.GtkMenuItem) but I would need the id of the menu item (ex: "menu name1" or "menu name 2") in order to process accordingly. The way I do it now is to have the signal handler from the widget call the function and pass it what it needs. Thanks in advance,


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