Re: Problems with mup::cellrendererpopup

muppet wrote:

On Sep 29, 2006, at 1:21 PM, Fluff wrote:

I found muppets code somewhere for a "cell renderer test", so I've been trying to put it into my own application, and as of yesterday everything was fine... But since I need Win32::OLE in my app, I needed to upgrade perl to 5.8.8 (from 5.8.6) to get a newer version of PAR. (PAR 0.90 is incompatible with Win32::OLE) and after that I can't get my app nor muppets testcode to work. I inserted a Dumper () in the code and here's the strange thing, the $cell somewhere looses index and list and instead these are named "index ö" and "list ö" or something like that...

What version of the Glib module are you using? Because this sounds an awful lot like a bug fixed in 1.120 and later (perl 5.8.8, properties with no explicit getter and setter, corrupted strings).

Ah. 1.10, it's the latest PPM-version... So if there's anyone who has MSVC who would be willing to compile some binaries for win32, I'd appreciate it!

Also note that gtk+ 2.6 includes CellRendererCombo, which pretty much obsoletes Mup::CellRendererPopup with a much more featureful object (uses TreeModels to store data).

Ah, I'll take a look on that as well.

Thanks muppet!


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