RE: Directory/file browser as TreeView

1. Minor.  You can't adjust the size of the little rotating triangle, and
it can be
   hard to click and see turn.


2. Major. It is slow to build the tree on huge directories with many
    subdirs. You can click and nothing happens( while it builds a 600Meg
    and you will then start clicking twice, etc.  So it's kind of unusable
on big
    trees, but pretty neat for small ones.
    It would be nice if you could figure a way to only grab the first
level subdirs
    under a listing, and dynamically add to it. But I couldn't figure that
out. :-)
    I think that is what you are referring to in your text above.


Before I started this, I looked around the archives for some code to plagarise and only found a couple of 
emails from you and muppet talking about this problem, so I was thinking about it before I put fingers to 

If you check out the code, the row-expanded callback does a 1-level look-ahead to populate subdirectories and 
therefore makes sure that there are triangles where there should be. And thus it is pretty quick, even on a 
large network (I checked).

It also would be nice to have a background image.


and I started on a Gtk2 Canvas version but got sidetracked.

I've just looked at the Gtk2 Canvas docs for the first time, so I've no idea how involved drawing a directory 
tree would be.

If you finish it - I'd love to see the result.

Thanks for the finished script. It will come in handy. :-)

I love open source!

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