Re: label offsets characters

On Fri, 08 Sep 2006 22:24:09 +0200
Laurent Klinger <laurent alcinoe net> wrote:


 I'm new to gtk-perl, and I'm trying to build an app to help
me learn japanese characters. It works fairly well, except that
all hiranaga characters seem to be offset towards the top,
and consequently, some characters appear "shaved" of a few
pixels on the top. The short script below demonstrates this.
It simply creates a window containing a label, displaying
a single hiragana character, the one for the 'zo' syllable.

At least on my machine, the tiny window displays the zo character,
but it clashes with the window title bar. However, on resizing
the window, the whole character appears. (attachment shows an
example before and after resizing.) By the way, I'm running
Ubuntu (6.06) with the "standard" gtk2-perl (version says

Any idea about why those characters are all offset in this way?

Hi, it works for me fine with the ICEWM on Slackware.  Having the label
overrun the window title bar, sounds like a Window Manager problem.
(Or maybe they call it a feature for small windows? :-) )

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