RE: PodViewer Problem

I'm not sure why you're doing this:

map { push(@{$index->{data}}, [ $_ ]) } $viewer->get_marks;

- the "[ $_ ]" part means you creating anonymous arrays with only
one element in them, which is $_, and I do not see where you add elements
to these arrays, so do you really need the '[', ']' around '$_' ?

That is, do you really need these anonymous arrays ?

Probably not in this case. However, I was just trying to distil the code down to the minimum needed to show 
the problem. In the real app, there is more in the array.

What have I got wrong?

Nothing.  It's a bug in PodViewer.  (Hi, Gavin!)

Thanks, Muppet.

What I couldn't understand is why the error doesn't happen in the podviewer app itself (from where I stole 
the code).


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