TreeStore, undocumented method

Am Montag, 11. September 2006 16:36 schrieb Ratcliffe, Jeffrey (Peters):
Use Google on this mailing list ( the
embedded search function of has been broken/not so
accurate for a while, now.

That searches the whole of To just search this list:

query site:

With Google, doesn't need a search function.


Yes, the archive seems to be a real goldmine. 
However, I've created a TreeView with one column that works quite fine.
After some googling I've found a python example how to get the text of the 
selected column:

    $treeview->signal_connect(cursor_changed => sub {
                my $treeselection = $treeview->get_selection;
                my ($treestore, $iter) = $treeselection->get_selected;
                warn $treestore->get_value($iter, 0);

However, get_value isn't listed in the Gtk2::TreeStore POD. Is that a bug?

Yet another question: How can I get the text of the first column of the 
superior row (if there is one)?

Thanks for all your help :).


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