Re: Gtk on Windows problems

Gabor Szabo wrote:


with a couple of people we are trying to install Perl GTK+ on Windows but
we seem to have some trouble.
After installing what seems to be the latest version of GTK+ and Glib
we get

Can't locate object method "signal_connect" via package "Gtk2::Window" at hello_ line 13.

It works on Linux

Any idea what are we doing incorrectly?

Something happened in gtk-land that broke things on Windows ( and the bindings haven't been rebuilt since then ). Unfortunately I can't quite remember which version of gtk is the latest that you can use. The version number 2.6.11 sticks in my mind, but when I look in our software installation directory, I see 2.8.13. But I'm almost certain that 2.6.11 is the latest version of gtk you can use under Windows.

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