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On May 31, 2006, at 6:55 AM, Beast wrote:

How do I get last(max) index of SimpleList data?

Normally.  :-)

With a normal array, it's

  @ary   =>   $#ary

with an array reference, it's

   @$aryref  =>  $#{ $aryref }  or  $#$aryref

with SimpleList's tied list, it's just the same, but the syntax is pretty ugly because of what you have to do to dereference the array:

    @{ $slist->{data} }  =>   $#{ $list->{data} }

Other ways include:

    scalar (@{ $slist->{data} }) - 1


    $slist->get_model->iter_n_children (undef) - 1

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