Bug in Gtk2::ToggleButton->new_from_stock()


I think I found a bug in Gtk2::ToggleButton. When using new_from_stock()
a Gtk2::Button is returned.

Simple test program:

  use strict;
  use Gtk2 qw/init/;

  my $text   = Gtk2::ToggleButton->new("foo");
  my $stock  = Gtk2::ToggleButton->new_from_stock("gtk-media-pause");

  print "text:  $text\n";
  print "stock: $stock\n";

which prints:

  text:  Gtk2::ToggleButton=HASH(0x8253468)
  stock: Gtk2::Button=HASH(0x8373570)

I'm using Gtk2 1.121 and libgtk 2.8.17 from i386 Debian sid.



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