Re: glade is preferred?

On Mon, 2006-03-13 at 17:55 +0700, Beast wrote:
Is creating UI with glade is now the preferred way to make GUI 
application using perl-gtk (or any other gtk binding language)? what is 
the pros and cons?

It certainly is convenient.  It means you don't have to write code to
create your GUI.  Less code = less bugs.

Revising the GUI is easier when you don't have to change code because
you can drag things around and tweak the padding, spacing etc and see
instantly what it will look like.

As an example, I might want to add a 'Run' button to my app.  In Glade,
I'd add the button in the appropriate place and then in the button
properties dialog add a signal handler for the 'clicked' event.  The
only thing I'd need to do in the .pm file is write a method called
'on_run_clicked'.  Glade will arrange for the signal to be connected to
that method when the GUI is initialised.

I don't use Glade for all my Gtk code, but sometimes I wish I had :-)

Note: I never been using glade previously.

All I can suggest is that you give it a try and make up your own mind.  
If you have any problems, just ask on the list.


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