Glib 1.120 (stable)

Glib provides Perl access to the GLib and GObject libraries.  GLib is a 
portability and utility library; GObject provides a generic type system
with inheritance and a powerful signal system.  Together these 
libraries are used as the foundation for many of the libraries that 
make up the Gnome environment, and are used in many unrelated projects.

The source code is available from the gtk2-perl project page on  

...and via anonymous cvs, tagged "rel-1-12-0" in the directory  
/gtk2-perl-xs/Glib .

This release works with all stable releases of glib-2.x.

In order to build Glib from source, you must have glib-2.x and  
its development headers and utilities installed, as well as the 
pkg-config utility.   In addition, the following Perl modules are 
needed at build time (but not at runtime):

   ExtUtils::Depends >= 0.200
   ExtUtils::PkgConfig >= 1.000

Overview of changes in Glib 1.120

 Since 1.10x (the previous stable series)
  * Comepletely revamp the way GObject types are mapped to Perl package names.
    The new algorithm is more robust and correct.
  * Add custom 64 bit integer handlers.
  * Add Glib::filename_display_name and Glib::filename_display_basename.
  * Improve thread safety.
  * Fix many bugs.

 Since 1.118
  * Nada.

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