Is the working for anyone?


I've been looking at the custom cellrenderers in the
example subdir of the Gtk-1.115 module.

Is the  working correctly for anyone?
I get this weird flicker, of the cell text appearring and disappearing,
as I move the mouse over the list; and the columns seem to
get values confused and changing.

I was wondering if it is due to me using a recent Gtk++
lib, or whether the thing is broken?

I'm currently using 
glib-2.9.5  gtk+-2.8.11

and was wondering if they screw up the cell renderer examples.

I recently posted that I needed to add a SET_PROPERTY sub to a couple
of the packages, to make them work, and now the date renderer is acting

How are they working for others?
If they work, what lib levels are you using?


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