Re: deprecated method , Gtk2-Perl vs GTK documentation

David lacravate wrote:
when i need documentation i use the online documentation (that looks a
little outdated) , the man and the native GTK documentation through the
tool call DevHelp .

Can i trust what is said in the native GTK documentation or does the
Gtk2-Perl team make choices of its own that can induce slight differences
leading the C documentation and the Perl documentation not 100%
compatible ?

Trust the C docs.  They are the canonical reference.

Namely : when GTK documentation says a method is deprecated , is the
method (going to be) deprecated as well ? Or does the Gtk2-Perl take the
decision to continue to implement this method , deeming it a nice utility
method (for instance) ?

Things that were deprecated as of gtk+ 2.0 have (with very few exceptions) not
been bound.

Things that were deprecated *after* 2.0 are still bound.

The rule we go by is that once something has appeared in a stable release, it
cannot be removed.  So, a new gtk+ release may deprecate a previous release's
API, but that API will not be removed.  (If we did, we'd break existing
programs, which is precisely what we do not wish to do.)

More precisely now , what about the Gtk2::Toolbar ?
To add item , only the insert() method is not tagged as deprecated , is
this valid ?

Here, the reason all of the other methods are deprecated is that they
implement the Old Toolbar API, which uses plain old GtkWidgets.  The insert()
method is for the New Toolbar API, which uses GtkToolItems.  We cannot remove
the old methods without breaking old code, so we just leave them alone.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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