Re: high level application frameworkl


In my opinion there are two issues here

1) you want an api to bind data to a form

2) you want an api to quickly create new forms

I think glade can be used very well for issue #2, but you can just as well write your own xml-2-gui module in no time. As other pointed out in this discussion, as long as you use the standard widget for input fields gtk will figure out the focussing etc. pretty good, the only thing you need to to is to use the gtk api to specify the number, type and position of the input fields. The gtk api is very xml friendly, all containers like hbox, vbox, table etc. just do the right thing when it comes to scaling, padding etc. you do not need to calculate coordinates yourself.

As for issue #1, once you have the form set up you can hash all the input fields by name and use the get/set functions to interact with the form. Of course this can easily be put in a custom module which does the right thing for your data.

So I think you should stop looking for a ready-for-use solution but write one yourself that fits your needs. The gtk api is a medium to high level interface already that does a lot of stuff automatically. Writing a module to translate for example a xml definition of a data set into a form should be one day work or so once you are familiar the gtk api and perl. Of course when you just start with gtk you might need to invest a bit more time. Also using data types that can not be put into the standard input widgets would complicate things enormously.

No-one else can read your mind and write exactly the module you need, but the high-level apis are there already. Some examples of modules other wrote for their own needs can be found on CPAN, like the DBI and the Forms modules mentioned already.

Good luck,

-- Jaap <pardus cpan org>

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