perl gtk2 fixed widget sizes

Hi All, 
I have a problem which I can not figure out: 
I would like to use a pane and I would like that if I resize the pane, 
that some of the contents' (widgets in it) size remains unchanged, 
some of them would fill the new space out (mainly vertically). In glade I 
can check in a box to choose a fix height for the object and set the 
expand property to resize itself to fit in the new resized pane in the 
horizontal direction. But what is the method which I can use directly 
from the code to do the same thing for me? (I can not use glade for 
some widgets as I generate them during run time.)
I tried out set_size_request method where I found that it sets the 
minimal applicable size, but not a fix size. 
I found that values (-1,-1) are good for sg or just a very fancy example 
in the manual? I thought that ->set_size_request(-1,50) sets that my 
widget height is fixed 50 pixel and the width is varying freely in this 
case but the height varies as well when I resize the pane.
Thanks the answer a lot in advance! 

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