Re: set_rules_hint on windows

rahed wrote:
muppet <scott asofyet org> writes:

The binding for gtk_tree_view_set_rules_hint() has been unchanged
since the initial import into sourceforge CVS in 2003, circa 0.12, so
it's extremely unlikely that this is a binding issue.

This behavior difference is likely related to the theme you're using,
or some other windows-specific thing.

Unfortunately I am not much familiar with themes and am not aware of any
being used on windows. I tried various themes on linux through
gtk-themes-switch with no effect on the problem.

So I suppose it's something pertinent to windows.

I've been giving gtk2-perl a pretty heave workaround under Windows 2000,
and I haven't come across this bug before. Admittedly I haven't used
simplelists in quite a while, but setting the rules hints property in
Glade XML files works for all my TreeViews under Windows 2000.

After a little mucking around with themes, I've confirmed muppet's
suspicion - the default theme for gtk+ under Windows doesn't support the
set_rules_hint thing

Here's a screenshot with the excellent redmondxp theme:

And here's a screenshot with the default gtk+ theme under Windows (
MS-Windows ):

People in the gtk+ list will roll their eyes if they know I'm
recommending this, but I would uninstall gtk+, and then install it from
the unofficial binaries at:

HOWEVER ... you have to be picky about which version you use. The latest
version that works for me is gtk2-runtime-2.8.13-2006-03-01-ash.exe
From memory there are some changes in gtk+ that require the the perl
bindings to be updated, so to use later than this version, we have to
wait for another release of the bindings for Windows. I'm crossing my
fingers ... :) I've tried to compile the bindings before, and haven't
gotten particularly far.

After you've installed the above 2.8.13 binaries, get the theme
installer ( gtk2-runtime-2.8.13-2006-03-01-ash.exe ). You'll now be able
to change themes :) Frankly I consider this a critical requirement, as
the default MS-Windows theme looks like arse, and if I give someone an
app with the default theme, they look at me like I'm either joking or

There are notes on the website that suggest you might be able to get the
themes installed and the theme selector running on top of the official
binaries, but I've never been able to do this. If anyone else has, I'm
all ears.

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